Lenders Compete.

Equipment Sales Happen.

When the nation's top equipment finance companies compete, approvals go up, financing costs go down, and more customers buy from you.
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5 ways APPROVE makes equipment buyers choose YOU!

1. Payment Presentation

Presenting affordable monthly payments on your website, quotes, emails and texts, immediately tells customers they CAN afford your equipment. 

2. Branded Application

APPROVE is your custom-branded financing program, and customers can submit your custom-branded application in 60 seconds without leaving your website.

3. Lender Competition

The nation’s top equipment finance companies race to approve applications and knowingly compete to earn your customers’ business. Competition drives more approvals and lower rates.

4. Mission Control

Your APPROVE dashboard gives you visibility and control of every finance deal from application through approval to funding.

5. Customer Choices

With up to 3 competing finance offers displayed side-by-side, you’re delivering low-cost choices to your customers so they can make informed decisions - and they like that!

1. Payment Presentation

APPROVE makes customers know immediately...

"We CAN afford this equipment!"

"Can we afford this right now?"

"YES! We can afford this!"

When customers visually see how affordable financing your equipment can be, it’s often the moment their decision to purchase is made - and frequently they will buy more expensive equipment. APPROVE presents affordable monthly payments next to every purchase price.

2. Branded Application

Shoppers apply in 60 seconds...

with YOUR application!

Affordable monthly payments are displayed as clickable call-to-action buttons anywhere and everywhere you list products and purchase prices.

On your website

On your quotes

On sales rep devices

In your stores

With a single click, customers can submit YOUR custom-branded, 60-second application... without ever leaving your website!

3. Lender Competition

The nation’s top lenders compete...

Your customers choose the winner

We’ve gathered a network of the nation’s top equipment finance companies that are ready to compete to earn your customers’ business.

Here's how it works:

Your customer clicks on your financing button and submits one 60-second application.

The first three lenders to approve an application present their best offer.

Your customer selects the best offer, and you get paid in full!

More Lenders  More Approvals  More Sales

Obviously, our large network of diverse lenders can approve more applications and provide more cost options than any single lender. It’s not uncommon for APPROVE customers to receive multiple approvals and offers, even after receiving one or more declines. How many past declines could have been closed sales if you had APPROVE?

Sales opportunity lost

Multiple lenders means more approvals

Already work with a good lending partner?

APPROVE’s Preferred Lender feature lets you select lenders to receive customer applications first. Find out if your preferred lender is offering your customers the lowest rates.

4. Mission Control

With APPROVE, customers are not sent away to lenders’ websites. This is YOUR company’s financing program, these are your sales opportunities. With total visibility, you can track, manage and be involved as much as you choose with every sales opportunity from start to finish. Plus, your customers can track application status on their dashboard too!

5. Customer Choices

When we say “competitive rates” we mean it...literally

APPROVE lenders know they are competing with each other, and they do NOT like losing to their competitors. So, your customers receive their very lowest finance offers.


Because you’re presenting up to three offers for customers to compare side-by-side, they know they’re making informed decisions and have no need to shop anywhere else!

Setup is easy...

and our tech team will help

We work with all the major eCommerce platforms, and our tech team can work with ANY website platform, so getting your APPROVE financing program setup on your website is easy. Plus, a dedicated developer and account manager will be assigned to make sure everything is working smoothly and you’re closing more sales than ever!

Your customers deserve smarter financing

and your business deserves more closed sales!

It’s time to leave the status quo behind and give your customers better approval chances, lower financing costs and side-by-side choices so they can make smart business decisions. Are you ready to turn equipment financing upside down? Let’s go!

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