Happy Work

You will spend approximately 90,000 hours of your life working. We think they should be happy hours. If you don’t think work can be professionally fulfilling AND loads of fun, you’ve never worked with a team like ours or at a place like KWIPPED. 

Innovative Business

KWIPPED, Inc. is a rapidly-growing, venture-backed, tech start-up located in downtown Wilmington, NC. KWIPPED’s innovative, marketplace platform enables businesses, organizations and professionals to source specialized B2B equipment from a global network of suppliers and lenders. Our SaaS product, APPROVE, embeds sophisticated equipment financing functionality at equipment sellers’ points-of-sale. Our B2B equipment marketplace and our equipment financing software are each one-of-a-kind, first to market creations. What’s next? Who knows? But, it’s going to be innovative...and it’s going to be fun to build!

Inspiring Culture

What if your work environment was buzzing with positive energy? What if the people you worked with expressed genuine interest in you, in your well-being, and in your personal and professional success? What if you came to work and knew you could be yourself because your managers and co-workers valued you just the way you are - and valued your work because you put your heart and soul into it? What if you felt empowered to make your own decisions, motivated to expand your thinking, encouraged to share creative suggestions, and supported in doing your very best work? What if you were as proud of your company as you were of your contributions to it?

We’re not sure if our great people created our amazing culture, or if our amazing culture attracted our great people - it’s probably some of both. What we do know is that our people love coming to work - and they do great work because they’re happy. If you’re happy; if you’re self-motivated; if you’re great...get your butt over here!

Dreamy Location

One thing we all have in common here at KWIPPED is that we place a very high value on quality-of-life. We work to live, not live to work! That’s one of the reasons we chose to build our business in Wilmington, NC. Here are just a few reasons we call Wilmington, “Heaven on Earth":

Downtown Wilmington, where our office is located, has a really cool vibe. The city sits on the bank of the Cape Fear River and oozes friendly, authentic, southern charm. There are plenty of restaurants, breweries, shops and art galleries within easy walking distance of the office. 

Just minutes away from downtown are some of the nation’s most beautiful beaches and coastal towns. If you like swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, paddleboarding, or just sunbathing with your toes in the sand, you’re going to like it here - because we are all about coastal living on island time.

The weather in Wilmington is amazing. The summers are long and warm, the winters are short and mild, the springs and falls are downright gorgeous, and most days are filled with blue skies and sunshine all year long. 

If you’re a “beach person” or just love being outdoors in beautiful weather, Wilmington may just offer you the best quality-of-life on the east coast...or any coast for that matter.

Attractive Benefits

Health coverage

Health insurance is pretty expensive these days, we’re thankful we can make it more affordable for our team.

Long-term disability

Safety nets are good...just in case.

Generous Paid-Time-Off (PTO)

KWIPPED’s office is in one of the nicest places in the world. We want our work family to have plenty of time to enjoy it!

Free gym membership

If you like to exercise, it’s easy to get “ripped@kwipped”. KWIPPED will pay for a free membership to Axis Fitness Center - just a hop, skip and jump from the office.

9 to 5 (ish)

We don’t punch clocks. We manage our own time - so we can deliver our best performance.

Downtown parking garage pass

You’ll always have a free place to park in the heart of downtown...even on the weekends!


If you enjoy a good craft beer, the tap flows (usually with local Wilmington brews) on Friday afternoons (and other special occasions).

Ridiculously enjoyable commaradery

When smart, fun people come together to work and play on a daily basis, a deep sense of camaraderie is inevitable and quite fulfilling. The #1 reason our people enjoy working at KWIPPED is...our people.

Comfortable dress code

Wear clothes.

Spontaneous "Board" meetings

If the waves are super tasty, some of us drop everything, grab our boards, and meet-up for an impromptu surfing sesh.

Legendary holiday party

At the end of each year, our team (significant others included) gathers for a festive celebration. You’ve never experienced this much merry!


You get to work with a really smart Brazilian guy named Wellington...and he’s really interesting!

Hiring Process:

Sure, we’re looking for people with specific skills - but more importantly, our hiring process is designed to ensure that you are a good fit for our culture AND that we are a good match for your professional goals and preferred work environment.

We respect your time, which is why we typically make hiring decisions within about three weeks from our initial phone conversation with you. Though highly effective, our hiring process is neither formal or rigid. However, here’s a basic idea of what to expect...

Phase 1:

We’ll conduct one or two phone interviews. We want to get a feel for your phone presence (especially if you’re applying for a sales position). Bonus tip: We’re also paying attention to the quality, tone and timing of your email communications. 

Phase 2:

If you get our attention (in a good way) during our early communications, we’ll invite you in for your first in-person interview. You’ll probably interview with our head recruiter and the direct manager of the position for which you are applying. Other Managers, Directors and even the CEO may drop in, depending on their availability that day. 

Phase 3:

Our final decision is made by committee. We may have you in for a final interview so all committee members have had a chance to meet with you, and you’ve had the opportunity to get all of your questions answered. After this final interview, you’ll hear from us promptly - usually within a day or two.

What "Happy Work" means to us...


"Happy work means that I do not dread Mondays. I am always happy to come into work because that is where my friends are and we are all working towards great things!"


"Happy work is making a difference. It's knowing you can rely on your colleagues, relationships, and resources to provide a solution for a job that a customer put their trust in you to fulfill."


"Happy work means working for a company that values smiles, laughs and enjoyable moments as much as dedicated effort, creative ideas and goal achievement."


"Happy work means at the end of the day I can go home and take pride in the fact that I work with an amazing group of people whom I enjoy seeing every day and know that the company works to make sure not only are we in good spirits but that our products can be used to help people get fair treatment. (Not to mention looking out for the community)."


"Happy work is meaningful, and fun, and challenging, and ever changing, and driven by principles. Happy work complements our personal lives and builds us up. It gives us pride, purpose, a place we cherish, and people for whom we care. It makes our efforts feel validated, rewarded and meaningful. It provides a journey worth taking because, in life and in work, the journey is the reward."


"Happy work means a collaborative environment where everyone works together to achieve the overall goal. Also, enjoying what I do and the people I do it with, while being able to enjoy life as well. Work is a massive part of all our lives and enjoying work means that I can enjoy the rest of life that much more."


"Happy work means: 1) I value what I do, 2) I value who I do it with, 3) I value how it impacts others 4) I value how it impacts me"


"Happy work involves an environment where the team is engaged and each individual feels encouraged and important."


"Happy work means being constantly given the freedom to learn how to address and tackle new and different challenges."


"Happy work means coming into a family and friends environment and constantly feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. It is a network of friends that lift you up even when you aren’t feeling 100% and knowing that everyone is working towards a common goal and wish nothing but success for one another."


"Happy work means genuine connections with colleagues!"

...more Mackenzie

"Happy work is 3:30 on Fridays where you can take pride not being the only beer lover...Happy work is being on 3 different sand volleyball teams all with co-workers."

Want to hop on board?

If you're ready to join our incredible team, reach out to us at careers@kwipped.com


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